Monday, August 19, 2013

Pushing Forward

After speaking with Paul's doctor we are beginning to wean him off of all but, hopefully, one medication. We have upped his trileptil and significantly lowered his Topomax all the others are staying the same for now. We did find out he is having up to 8 seizures a day. All the extreme fits I have seen of him crying in pain that I thought could be pressure is in fact seizures from the motor/sensory area. They are wanting to do an overnight EEG but want to try to get him on one medication first but if things get really out of control we will go in sooner. Along with his fits from his seizures triggering pain he is having tonic clonic appearing seizures every other day (except for this weekend he had one every day). Not sure what the next step is but at this point the medication has made absolutely zero difference. What is most frustrating is knowing there is something causing this yet we still try to medicate the issue...I know we have to try but we know it isn't the answer as it has never previously worked so why in the world would it now?

We also put in to see if PJ could get a wish through the Make a Wish Foundation. All his life at this point has been seizures, tests, medication, surgeries, therapies, and doctors....I would really love to have him have something done for him that is full of fun and far from all the things he has become accustomed to. He needs some fun times with his siblings!

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