Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Manic Monday :)

Yesterday we headed out to have P.J's FMRI (functional MRI) done. How I understood it, Basically, it allows them to see what areas are working properly by showing the blood flow and oxygen use areas of the brain are using to perform some basic tasks. P.J was sedated during the test and the actual FMRI lasted about an hour. This did give my husband and I the chance to have a coffee date in the hospital, which was nice...sadly when we have time like that we usually end up reflecting on everything going on---sometimes that leads no where good. It's hard to think of anything but what is going on when your sitting in a children's hospital surrounded by children who are dealing with more then I ever had in my lifetime and in most cases more then I ever will experience...it's heartbreaking.

Pauly came out of sedation very well, thankfully. The only hard part this time around was that now he recognizes the MRI bed....poor kid looked at me screamed and repeated "uh-uh". He use to take things so well but the older he gets the less compliant he is becoming---totally understandable though, I know I would be the same way. We are just happy that this should be the last of the tests before they go "all in".

Our next appointment is next week with his neurosurgeon and also,next week, for his bayley test through the hospital to get a better idea of where he is developmentally. Until then though, we are going to enjoy this beautiful weather up here in the northwest. A little sun shine and fresh air goes a long way!! :)

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  1. My heart ached a little when you talked about him remembering. I'm sorry that you all have to go through all of this. Keep your head up and enjoy all that sunshine and fresh air