Sunday, May 19, 2013

Slower to Recover..

Ugh, we have got hospital fever...blah!! Yesterday PJ started having some huge milestones hit. He walked on his own, unassisted, for about 10 feet to grab the handle of the hospital door and pull it with his left hand--this just so happened to be the door that led outside to the patio. He has been spending lots and lots of outside time in hopes of perking him up a bit (so far not much of a change). He is saying his typical words again but more clearly and alternating from one word to another without pause maintaining clarity throughout. PJ has begun giggling again also which is amazing to hear! Today he finally stopped vomiting and was able to, once again, tolerate food. Now for slower to recover parts...PJ is so very lethargic and rests most the day. He does not do anything unless we make him. He literally lays in bed and doesn't move unless it is to reach for his dad or I. His heart rate has been low today and now they are having to watch that a little closer.  They are also waiting for him to "do the do". This kid refuses to poop. We're hoping tomorrow he will poop and have more energy...I hate seeing him like this. I worry too that a third resection may be pushing him to the limits if this dysplasia is still deeper in there "hiding out". This NEVER gets easier...I truly don't think it ever will either...I will always worry about this little guy. I don't know if this is because the lack of success with the first surgery but I feel like I can't hold much faith in the thought of my son remaining seizure free, I feel horrible thinking that way..

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