Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Breaking Records!

Right now I'm going through this naive stage that maybe the dysplasia just disappeared..or perhaps his brain connections have weaved their way around it completely and he will be fine.  He is nearing his record of no visible seizures. Well I say nearing....but it is as close as he has gotten to it. Seven days! So proud! There has been so much focus and developmental improvements this week that I just want to think he is "normal" now! I do know...deep down....that this IS the calm before the storm for him.  What is scary is the longer he goes without a physical one the worse they will be when his bad week gets here.  I thoroughly enjoy seizure free times but when it gets to be this long I have to snap out of my dream world and be on my toes.  We never go anywhere without his midazolam and try not to let his disorder pull the rug out from under us. It must be so frustrating for him...he takes three steps forward and two steps back during good times like this. He learns so much just to have to start over again after his seizures get him.


Well...maybe I jinxed things! P.J had a seizure while his daddy was rocking him to sleep.  He went a good while without a hard "physical" one. Now to conquer this bad week or so and hope for a good break again!

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