Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First "Real" Word!!

So P.J has made me come so close to tears today!! His speech therapist came by the house today for his weekly visit (she is so awesome, and P.J absolutely loves her) and P.J did something unexpected...and AMAZING!

Speech has been a constant struggle for him and he really just babbles a lot.  He does say Mom, Momma, Up, Uh-oh, Uh-Uh (for no), and Yeah.   Recently, this past week, he has started saying Hi, Bye-Bye, and most recently Bubbles and Mine.  The problem with P.J is his words are not super clear and most times he doesn't quite get the words out right.  Like he will say Ba for Bubbles or just resort back to babbling. 

At this point he refuses sign language so that, at the moment, is out of the question for him although we still try to incorporate it into what we are telling him sometimes.

Anyway, onto the great news.....P.J said "Barbie"!!!! Not just babbled it or said it broken up---he straight out said "Barbie".  :)   It wasn't totally perfect but he did it and I about passed out from shock! He covered up his sisters barbie picture and I said "Bye bye" and he uncovered her and I said "Boo Barbie" and he recovered her and uncovered her again and said "Barbie"!! Hopefully he will hold onto this word for a while, we will see when he starts having more of the terrible "S's" whether or not he was able to keep it!  We are so proud of our little man! Fingers crossed the word sticks! :)

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