Monday, July 29, 2013

EEG Spot Check Results

We got the results from PJ's spot check EEG and in the 30 ish minutes of recording he had no seizures that they could see. It unfortunately still showed abnormal on the right side.  It also showed signs of some swelling which doesn't come as such a shock to us with the surgery being done about three weeks ago.  We were told that it had improved...I had to chuckle with that being said as nearly all that side was removed so it better had improved! We have an MRI and an appointment with his neurosurgeon in a month and in the meantime we will watch and wait for seizures since with it reading abnormal we are thinking that it is most likely due to more dysplastic brain---at least until we are told otherwise anyway. I was really hoping to have them begin lowering meds but with his EEG not being clean I am not thinking that they will...who knows what will be said next month to try and be a little optimistic!! :)

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