Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Day After

PJ is doing remarkably well. His surgeon came by to check on him and told us that by looking at the post op scans it doesn't look like PJ should be using his arm and leg yet he was moving around all four limbs.  Today Paul took things even further and WALKED! He is dragging his toes pretty bad but is still walking unassisted. His grip has improved a bit but is still weak with his left hand. His surgeon is not worried about the seizure PJ had since the motor strip left had quite a bit of trauma during the surgery, he seemed to kind of expect it. This does not mean we stop being on our toes....we know now that only time will tell us if this surgery did the trick or not. On another great note, he hasn't thrown up at all, which makes us happy and he is eating and drinking well. Now we wait for him to poo. We are so amazed at how well he is doing :)

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