Monday, July 8, 2013

Home 40 Hours After Surgery

The surgeon made his rounds yesterday morning and was so impressed by PJ's accomplishments that he released us home. It is so shocking the small amount of deficit he has physically compared to the large amount of improvements we already notice in other, like last time, we know to keep a close eye on things since he showed tons of signs last time that he was still seizing.  For having nearly all his right side removed he is just blowing us away!

Physically what we have noticed: He walks with a bit of a lean to the left and has still been consistently dragging his toes on his left foot. We are working hard at getting him to use his left hand but at this point he is doing a great job of forgetting about it being there. When he uses it he is able to pinch at things but it seems considerably weaker then his right hand. But we are only two day out of surgery so we know things could get a little better quickly as he heals.

Positive things we have seen: PJ is not flushing so far and his twitching during his sleep is very minimal. He has already started saying the few words he spoke before surgery and his response time has been very quick when answering "uh huh" (or nodding) or "uh uh" (or shaking his head). He is also saying thank you (more humming it then pronouncing it, but he does it consistently when somebody does something for him or we tell him to say thank you).  He has started more "baby babbles" which is a good sign of him trying to communicate more. He is also back to using two words together. We are hoping since he is doing this so soon after surgery that soon or at least eventually he might start spitting out some more words!

It is so amazing the amount of trauma a child can go through and still pull through without skipping a beat.

 This kid is our miracle.

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  1. True that, he is a miracle child.

    Furthermore, PJ is blessed to have such committed and loving parents. Your news is very encouraging. Words filled with wisdom and realism only you could write. Implied is you heart's feeling that there exists a legitimate chance at a seizure free recovery. Thanks for the update, we have been praying for you all.