Saturday, July 6, 2013

Surgery Three Completed

PJ came out of surgery today like a trooper! He heard my voice and said "momma up" reaching towards my voice (his eyes were already swollen shut). They wrapped his head this time around which is kinda nice also. Sadly PJ had a seizure about two-three hours after surgery. It showed all the signs of PJ's old seizures minus the staring spell before it. The areas he has remaining on that side is his motor area and his occipital lobe.  He did get as close as he could though to his motor as he could without totally wiping him out. Unfortunately we knew that there was a decently high possibility of  more surgeries but will wait in high hopes of seeing nothing more---but also totally accepting the possibility of needing another.  we were told during this surgery once they got through to the insula(r) lobe that it appeared to be the most obviously malformed. It was all scar tissue from "burning itself out"-- it was also constantly firing off deep in there.  They also let us know finding dysplasia there like they did was very rare. Good news is PJ didn't stroke from what they could see on his scan after surgery but the vessels supplying blood to the motor area were, from how I understood it, pulled away from abnormal tissue so we are hoping they don't start "spazzing out" on him.  The deficit on his left side currently is more pronounced but we anticipate it getting a little better before we see his new baseline since healing will take a bit of time. Will be updating as PJ comes around more, thank you to all our friends and family for the support and prayers!

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