Friday, July 19, 2013

Two Week Post Surgery Neurosurgery Check Up

PJ had his two week check up today and his wound looks great, no concerns there. There are some concerns however with his twitches happening throughout the night more frequently, predominately on the left side from facial twitches all the way down to his toes. His right leg is now also showing random bouts of extra tone causing him to trip which is odd.  He is getting an AFO soon, for now as he heals, for his left leg and we were told that it looks as though,now, he may need one on both legs as his usage of both of his ankles seem pretty unpredictable (left more then right). He is being scheduled for an EEG to see if his motor strip is acting up any and perhaps causing some of these issues (twitching and right ankle tone).  He is also complaining of his head hurting towards the back and is unconsolable at times and these episodes stop abruptly.  They are not too concerned about this right now though as it could be a result of the recent surgery and could happen up to a month after surgery.  Even still though if his occipital (visual) lobe was/is acting up an EEG would (hopefully) pick up the abnormal waves. We are hoping his reading comes back clean but also know that if it doesn't its okay because we know there are other options to get PJ to lead a more normal life.  Blah, tests. They are so great for getting answers but such a pain for a two year old.

PJ and his "sissy" holding hands while he sleeps :)

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